Bespoke Wardrobes in York – functionality and Ambience

We manufacture bespoke Wardrobes in York exactly to your specification. It is our belief that your bedroom is the most important room in your home. A truly made to measure Wardrobe that is designed with you in mind creates a bedroom where you want to spend time. Our intention when designing your bedroom is to create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

bespoke wardrobes in york
Wardrobe Design – Render Image

Optimizing Storage

The perfect Wardrobe will not just create a refreshing atmosphere but also deliver an optimized storage solution. Every piece of clothing will have its dedicated space. You will need hanging space for your Dresses, double hanging space for suits and shirts. A few drawers should not be missed. We also enjoy the design and creation of drawer dividers. These are suited for ties, belts, underwear, watches and many more personal items.

Lighting Design

When creating an ambience that allows you to rest and relax the lighting plays a large part along with the choice of colours. We tend to use indirect lighting on the exterior of our bespoke wardrobes. Dimmable lighting internally allows you to choose your outfit in the morning without the need of switching on the bright room lights.

Material Choice

Having spent much time on the design and optimum storage solution for your bespoke wardrobe in York. It is only natural to use high-quality timbers and superior hardware for a made to measure Wardrobe. Some customers love the feel and look of Hardwoods. I this is you then might choose Oak or Walnut for example. We nevertheless recommend choosing a light colour for the exterior of a wardrobe in conjunction with mirror or shagreen panels.

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